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    Richard Burton sings Camelot 1978 Camelot Season 1 - Official Trailer History's Mysteries - The Knights of Camelot (History Channel Documentary) Camelot, Camelot (1967) Camelot A 1978 performance of \"Camelot\" by Richard Burton, who first performed on Broadway as King Arthur opposite Julie Andrews (as Guenevere) in the original ... This episode has been available elsewhere on YouTube, however the audio/video quality is rather poor. This upload is the best quality, complete version ... King Arthur(Richard Harris) sings of Camelot to an awestruck Guinevere (Vanessa Redgrave) in Camelot (1967) OSCAR WINNER:Best Art DirectionBest Costume DesignBest ScoreThe oft-told tales of Arthurian legend have always been fertile ground for art. With countless ...

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