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    Wanda - Columbo (Official Video) Columbo's Great Investigative Style Murder by Natural Causes (1979) What Was His Name Again? | Columbo The Best of Patrick McGoohan | Columbo Das neue Wanda Album \"Niente\" erscheint am 6.10.2017. Hier vorbestellen: iTunes | Amazon: Die ... Great example of Columbo's investigative style, along with his great comical behavior we all love as he tactfully searches for the truth while speaking with the ... Hal Holbrook ... Arthur Sinclair Katharine Ross ... Allison Sinclair Richard Anderson ... George Brubaker Barry Bostwick ... Gil Weston Bill Fiore ... Marty ... From Season 9 Episode 6 'Murder in Malibu' - A successful writer of romance novels who is involved with a young, ambitious womanizer, is found shot to death ... Look back at all of the best moments Columbo's longest running serial murder, Patrick McGoohan! He's the greatest detective of all time, and he finally has his ...

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