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Wenn Dir Gintama gefällt, interessiert Dich Gintama Movie 1 und Gintama Movie 2 vielleicht auch.

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    ☆【Gintama】Best Gintama (2017) Funny Moments |『2017銀魂面白い瞬間』| 720p HD ☆ Gintama Anime Ending [BIGGEST TROLL MOMENT|ENG SUB|FULL HD] Gintama - Empty [FUNNY MOMENTS|ENG SUB|60FPS|FULL HD] Top 10 Gintama Funny Moments Gintama - Kagura vs Okita vs Shinpachi [FULL FIGHT|ENG SUB|60FPS|FULL HD] BACKUP CHANNEL, OUTRO, FACEBOOK PAGE, MUSICS, ANIMES, THUMBNAIL ▽ ------------------------------------ BACKUP CHANNEL ... SPOILER.... Gintamas Anime Ending in FULL HD (1080p) with ENG SUBS (English Subtitles). This Video includes: Gintama Episode 367 Ending Gintoki and ... SPOILER... Gintama - Fakesugi (Sakata Gintoki) getting tortured by Tsukuyo, Shimura Otae, Yagyuu Kyuubei and Sarutobi Ayame + Seita and Hinowa after the 2 ... List of ten most hilarious moments from the Gintama Anime. If you like the video please like and share. This list is just my opinion, so feel free to comment your. SPOILER.. . . Gintama - Kagura Yato (Kanna) vs Okita Sougo vs Shimura Shinpachi in FULL HD (1080p) with 60FPS and ENG SUB (English Subtitles). Watch ...

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