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    E-Lander Magazine Review: Buy them NOW!! Mako E-Lander Steel AR-15 (& Tavor) 30 Round Magazine Review (HD) E-Lander Magazine Shooting Review DTM Boyz Interview With VI Lander Magazine Israeli E-Lander magazine failure in Rock River Arms LAR15 The only downside I can see for some is that these reinforced steel mags are substantially heavier than other AR mags. Weights: Aluminum GI: 4 oz Pmag: 4.8 ... A review & test of the Mako E-Lander Steel AR mags. I try to cover some of the issues folks have reported and what I've found using them so far. Shooting with the E-Lander Magazines; sold and imported by The Mako Group. Guns used: Rock River Arms Elite Operator 2 with Dominator 2 mount/front-sight ... VI Lander Interview With The DTM Boyz. I was having severe failures with the 20 round magazines from E-lander, though not with any other brand. I still do not know what the problem is but I think I will ...

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