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    Couples Talk About The Llifestyle, Swinging, & Their Experience on a Lifestyle Vacation Swinging with Couples of Different Experience Levels - Matt & Bianca \ Playboy TV Swing Season 4, Ep 6 Hot Tub Drama | Swinger Wives Seven couples talk about their experience at a clothing optional resort called Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica, on an organized event hosted by WWW. In this video, filmed at Club Sapphire in Seattle, Matt and Bianca talk about when couples that are new to the lifestyle swing with couples that have been doing it ... A group of otherwise \"ordinary everyday people\" age 30-something married couples come out-of-the-closet onto ABC-TV News' series \"Primetime: The ... Playboy TV Swing Season 4, Ep 6. Wow! Click here to see it: http://www.toplinks.info/swinging Some Playboy TV members have said the following: Best ep in ... A swinger couple show the in's and out's of their way of life. Subscribe to TLC UK for more great clips: ...

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