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    The Good Doctor - Official Trailer - Coming to ABC September 25 Real Doctor Reacts to THE GOOD DOCTOR | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike The Good Doctor 1x07 Shaun \ The Good Doctor - saves a kid life (part 2 - 9) The Good Doctor 2x10 Ending Scene Dr Lim Collapses - Chaos in the Hospital - People in Quarantine It's time to change the way you think. Sometimes being different can make all the difference. #TheGoodDoctor comes to ABC this Fall. Subscribe now for more: ... Wow! Thank you so much for supporting the Real Doctor Reacts to series. I said that if you get the grey's anatomy video to 15k likes I'll do another episode and ... The Good Doctor - saves a kid life (part 2) I don't own this video, all credit goes to Sony Pictures Television and ABC Studios Like & Subscribe. The Good Doctor Season 2 Episode 10 \"Quarantineā€¯ Winter Finale/ Dr Lim is infected. Shaun freezes bothered by the buzzing sound. #TheGoodDoctor.

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