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    Season's Most Dramatic Moments | Very Cavallari \ Kristin Cavallari Explodes on the Uncommon James Team | Very Cavallari | E! Kristin Won't Hire Employee's Best Friends | Very Cavallari \ It takes a lot to get a store up and running...and Kristin's run was not without its own drama! What was your favourite part of Very Cavallari? #KristinCavallari ... Kristin Cavallari officially opens her Uncommon James store, but faces screw-ups almost immediately. Plus, there's even a surprise proposal! Catch Up on Very ... Brittainy Taylor & Shannon Ford have to answer to a raging Kristin. Watch as the emotions flare on \"Very Cavallari\"! Catch Up on Very Cavallari on E! Online: ... Sometimes being the boss is hard. #verycavallari #hayu #kristincavallari Watch All Your Favourite Reality Shows Here: Subscribe to the ... Jay Cutler convinces Kristin to go hunting as Shannon and Reagan battle for power at Uncommon James. Relive the latest episode of \"Very Cavallari\"! Catch Up ...

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